Holbox has become a tourist destination where you can enjoy the excellent climate of the Mexican Caribbean, the Mayan culture, its traditions, outdoor activities, small restaurants and hotels with low environmental impact, with totally ecological concepts such as posadas, cabins, campsites and warm and intimate Caribbean-style hotels; They are located in the village and along the beach, giving their guests peace and comfort in a relaxed atmosphere, full of the spirit of Holbox.


One of the main activities of the inhabitants of this island, is the lobster fishing, governed by the closed season; In local restaurants you can taste lobster-based dishes including the famous lobster pizza.


Tours of the island are usually comforting, except in hurricane seasons, when the island is usually evacuated, depending on the intensity of the hurricane. Although the island is located on the outer border of the Caribbean, its environment is called Caribbean with sets of colorful houses, equivalent to other similar destinations.


If you come for a visit, you can not miss the classic tour of the three Islands by boat, a kayak tour through the lagoon where you can see a great variety of flora and fauna, mini-fishing, a tour to CaboCatoche, besides swimming with the whale shark , a show that you can only enjoy from July to September. In case you are staying in the Riviera Maya, we recommend you to take a full day tour that departs from your hotel where you will get to know the best of Holbox.




Holbox is an area protected by international laws that combines tropical jungle, virgin beaches, lagoons, cenotes, and rivers; besides wild fauna. It has a large collection of beautiful and little frequented landscapes that form an earthly paradise, for vacationers with ecological conscience who want to rest, live with nature and meet friendly and cordial people.